Kazimar Big Mosque

Kazimar Big Mosque

Kazimar Big Mosque- History

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Kazimar Periya Pallivasal or Kazimar Big Mosque is the most established mosque in Madurai city, Tamil Nadu, India built in the year 1284AD (Hijri 683) and keeps on being in presence for over 7 centuries till today. The mosque was established by Kazi Syed Tajuddin, a relative of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who came from Yemen during thirteenth 100 years and got this land from the King Kulasekara Ku(n) Pandiyan.[1] The mosque which was the primary Muslim spot of love in Madurai.[2][3] The mosque was overseen by Syed Tajuddin during his lifetime followed by his youngsters and relatives genetically for over 7 centuries till today. Practically Kazi Syed Tajuddin's all's relatives (Huqdars of this mosque called as Syeds) have lived in a similar region (Kazimar road) for over 700 years, and have dealt with the mosque from that point forward.

Kazi Syed Tajuddeen is the organizer behind this mosque. He is child of Jamaluddin Mufti al Ma'abari who went to India from Yemen during thirteenth 100 years. Syed Tajuddeen's senior sibling Syed Alauddin got comfortable Kayalpatnam. He kicked the bucket and is covered there. Syed Tajuddeen got comfortable Madurai and started the development of this mosque in the year 1281. The development required 3 years and the mosque was opened for petitions in the year 1284. The organizer behind this mosque Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin passed on 15 Rajab 692 Hijri - March 1293AD and was buried in the enormous graveyard encompassing the mosque. Organizer's day (Urus commemoration of Qazi Syed Tajuddin) is commended in this mosque consistently on fifteenth of Rajab with extraordinary enthusiasm.


Madurai Maqbara, the grave (dargah) of Madurai Hazrats (Sheikhuna Meer Ahamad Ibrahim Periya Hazrat, Sheikhuna Meer Amjad Ibrahim Chinna Hazrat and Sheikhuna Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Saalim Hazrat - all relatives of Islamic Prophet Muhammad) is situated inside the mosque.[6] People from everywhere India and unfamiliar guests come here for ziyarat (otherworldly visit.) The commemoration urus of Periya Hazrat is honored on thirteenth of Ramadan and Chinna Hazrat on 28th of Shawwal. Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Saalim Hazrat's commemoration is praised on eighteenth of Rabiul Aakhir.

Syed Tajuddin was designated as Kazi (Islamic Jury) of Madurai by the Government of Madurai Sultans and till today his relatives who inhabit Kazimar road, Madurai, are named as Kazis to the Government of Tamil Nadu. Sheikhuna Meer Ahmad Ibrahim notable as Periya was selected as Chief Qazi (Qaziyul Quzzat) of Madurai by the public authority of Nawab of Arcot. As such the huqdars of this mosque have been selected as Kazis of Madurai to the public authority consistently since thirteenth 100 years from the time of Qazi Syed Tajuddin till today. The current government Qazi of Madurai, Moulana Moulavi A.Syed Khaja Mueenudeen[7] is huqdar of this mosque and a relative of Qazi Syed Tajuddin.

The organizer behind this mosque Kazi Syed Tajuddin himself was Imam of this mosque during his lifetime. The assistance of managing the everyday petitions and Friday lessons (Imamat and Qitabat) are finished by the relatives of the organizer Qazi Syed Tajuddin, from his period until now. The current Imams Moulavi Hafil Syed Muhammad Mueenuddeen Ibrahim and Moulavi Hafil Syed Alimullah have been in assistance beginning around 1998.

The relatives of Kazi Syed Thajuddeen are alluded as Huqdhars (Share holders) of this mosque. The present huqdars have a place with nineteenth and twentieth era from Qazi Syed Thajuddin. Beginning from a solitary precursor and having figured out how to live in similar region for a considerable length of time, there are around 450 Huqdars who are intently between related with family line and with marital connections. Kazimar Big mosque is being overseen by the relatives of Kazi Syed Tajuddin (Huqdars) with practically no break starting from the commencement of the mosque.The right to deal with the mosque by the relatives of the organizer behind the mosque is affirmed by Tamil Nadu Waqf Board in its proforma given in the year 1954 in the wake of studying all the Waqf properties India Post Independence. The genealogical records of the relative multitude of main beneficiaries of Kazi Syed Tajuddin and the supervisors of this mosque are kept up with in the mosque office. All Syeds have a place with the Sunni organization of Islam, its Hanafi school and the greater part of the relatives of Kazi Syed Tajuddin are Shazulis who practice the Sufi request (Tariqa) Fassiya debris Shazuliya.


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