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Yanaimalai (Elephant Hill) is a safeguarded landmark and vacation destination in Tamil Nadu, India. It has Jain figures, a Shaivite sanctuary, and a Vaishnavite sanctuary, specifically the Narasingam Yoga Narasimha Perumal Temple.

The slope gets its name from the Tamil word yaanai, signifying "elephant", and malai, signifying "slope". The slope seems to be an elephant in a sitting position. The site has had this name for north of 2000 years.


Yanaimalai is situated in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India. It is arranged from 10 km from Madurai Mattuthavani transport stand. The slope extends more than 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) and is 90 meters (300 ft) high.

Yanaimalai is viewed as a consecrated spot by the Tamil Jain. Jain priests lived here during the Pandyan Dynasty. At the highest point of the slope can be found caverns containing Jain bas help figures of Mahavira, Gomateshwara, and other tirthankaras formed by Jain priests. There are additionally stone beds involved by the priests for resting. Tamil-Brahmi and Vattelettu engravings can be tracked down on the slope.

Two Hindu sanctuaries are available in the lower regions, one being the Ladan cave sanctuary (Ladan koil), a Shaivite sanctuary committed to Muruga, and the other being Yoga Narasimha sanctuary, a Vaishnavite sanctuary devoted to Vishnu. Both are rock-cut sanctuaries developed by the Pandyas, having a place with the eighth hundred years. Where the Ugra Narasimha sanctuary is arranged is known as Narasingam. Tamil-Brahmi and Vattelettu engravings in the sanctuaries shows their history.The Jain sanctuary has been proclaimed a safeguarded landmark by the Archeological Survey of India.

The slope is wealthy in rock, and has been harmed by unlawful quarrying.[10] In 2010, the public authority of Tamil Nadu attempted to set up a model nursery on the slope, yet retreated after local people and activists challenged the thought.


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