Our Lady of Sorrows Church

Our Lady of Sorrows Church

Our Lady of Sorrows Church - History

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Our Lady of Sorrows (Latin: Beata Maria Virgo Perdolens), Mother of Sorrows, Our Lady of Pity, Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows and Our Lady of the Seven Dolors are Marian titles alluding to Mary in her affliction. As Mater Dolorosa she is likewise a vital subject for Marian craftsmanship in the Catholic Church. An extraordinary type of the Mater dolorsa is Our Lady of Solitude .

Prior, in 1232, seven young people in Tuscany established the Servite Order (otherwise called the "Servite Friars", or the "Request for the Servants of Mary"). After five years, they took up the distresses of Mary, remaining under the Cross, as the key commitment of their request.


Throughout the long term a few commitments, and even requests, emerged around contemplation on Mary's Sorrows specifically. The Servites fostered the three most normal dedications to Our Lady's Sorrows, in particular the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, the Black Scapular of the Seven Dolours of Mary and the Novena to Our Sorrowful Mother. The rosary comprises of a chaplet of seven septets of globules (whereupon is said an Ave), isolated by one dab (on which is supplicated a Pater Noster. Contemplations for every dolor were made by Pope Pius VII in 1818.

The Black Scapular is an image of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Sorrows, which is related with the Servite Order. Most reflection scapulars have necessities in regards to ornamentation or plan. The commitment of the Black Scapular requires just that it be made of dark woolen fabric. From the National Shrine of Saint Peregrine spread the Sorrowful Mother Novena, the center of which is the Via Matris.


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