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Saraswathi Mahal Library, likewise called Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswathi Mahal Library is a library situated in Thanjavur (Tanjore), Tamil Nadu, India. It is perhaps of the most seasoned library in Asia laid out during sixteenth 100 years by Nayakar lords of Thanjavur and has in plain view an uncommon assortment of Palm leaf compositions and paper written in Tamil and Sanskrit and a couple of other native dialects of india (particularly southern territorial dialects). The assortment contains above and beyond 49,000 volumes, however just a small part of these are in plain view. The library has a total inventory of possessions, which is being made accessible on the web. A few interesting property can be seen nearby by earlier arrangement.Encyclopedia Britannica specifies the library as the "Most exceptional library of India".

The Saraswathi Mahal library was begun by Nayak Kings of Tanjavur as a Royal Library for the confidential scholarly improvement of Kings and their group of Thanjavur (see Nayaks of Tanjore) who controlled from 1535 CE till 1676 CE. The Maratha rulers who caught Thanjavur in 1675 advanced neighborhood culture and further fostered the Royal Palace Library until 1855. Generally prominent among the Maratha Kings was Serfoji II (1798-1832), who was a famous researcher in many parts of learning and human expression. In his initial age Sarfoji concentrated on affected by the German Reverent Schwartz, and learned numerous dialects including English, French, Italian and Latin. He excitedly checked out the enhancement of the Library, utilizing numerous Pandits to gather, purchase and duplicate an immense number of works from all famous Centers of Sanskrit learning in Northern India and other remote..


The city appears to had two fortresses, one inward and the other external. The external was most likely more extensive. The remaining parts of the external stronghold should be visible as a hill running overall around the royal residence.The library is available to people in general; it additionally upholds endeavors to distribute uncommon compositions from the assortment, as well as guaranteeing all volumes are saved on microfilm. The Library has introduced PCs in 1998 for the Computerisation of Library exercises. As a first stage, the Library lists are being put away in the Computer for simple data recovery. It is additionally proposed to right away digitalise the compositions of this Library.

The majority of the original copies (39,300) are in Tamil and Sanskrit. Original copies number more than 4500, containing titles in writing and medication. The Library has an assortment of 3076 Marathi original copies from the South Indian Maharastrian of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth hundreds of years; this incorporates the progressive system of the Saints of Maharashtra having a place with Sri Ramadasi and Dattatreya Mutts. The Marathi original copies are generally on paper however a couple were written in Telugu script on palm-leaf. There are 846 Telugu original copies in the possessions, generally on palm leaf. There are 22 Persian and Urdu compositions generally of nineteenth century additionally inside the assortment. The library additionally holds clinical records of Ayurveda researchers, including patient contextual analyses and meetings in the original copies arranged under the Dhanvantari area.

Endeavors were made to microfilm and index the items way back in 1965 when Indira Gandhi was Information and Broadcasting Minister, Government of India who authorized the asset for the library's turn of events. From that point forward no endeavors were made to examine the archives and mechanize a similar utilizing present day innovation. It is likewise an assigned 'Composition Conservation Center' (MCC) under the National Mission for Manuscripts laid out in 2003.


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