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Schwartz Church is a congregation arranged in Thanjavur, India. Built by the Danish preacher Christian Friedrich Schwarz in 1779, the congregation is a plain structure with not many particular elements. There is a note such that Major Stevens has established a groundwork stone for the congregation under nine feet profundity. The length and broadness of this congregation is 90x50.Father Schwartz has directed ordinary masses in this congregation from April 1780.

John Flaxman an Italian stone carver who lived in London has shaped this sculpture in 1807 on the solicitation of King Serfoji II. This sculpture was introduced in this congregation in the year 1811. This was known from the works of Tanjore Vedanayagam Sastriar a court writer in the castle of Serfoji II who has recorded that this sculpture was introduced in the year 1811 the year in which his girl Gnanadeepam was conceived. He has additionally recorded that the white marble sculpture bearing the pictures of the King Serfoji II and Father Schwartz was introduced in the large church in little stronghold called Sivaganga Park. In those days this congregation was known as large church.


Inside the regions of the congregation is a 1797 model of Schwartz on his passing bed with the Thanjavur Maratha lord Serfoji II and the evangelist Guericke close to him. Schwartz used to reside in a house toward the north-west of the congregation which has since been changed over into a school.


Q4PJ+7GG, Fort, Sivaganga Garden,, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.


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