Swaminatha Swamy Temple

Swaminatha Swamy Temple

Swaminatha Swamy Temple - History

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Swaminatha Swamy Temple is a Hindu sanctuary committed to god Murugan. It is situated in Swamimalai, 5 km from Kumbakonam, on the banks of a feeder of waterway Kaveri in Thanjavur District, 250 km from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, India. The sanctuary is fourth homestead of Murugan among six (Arupadaiveedugal). The sanctuary of the directing divinity, Swaminathaswamy is situated on a 60 ft (18 m) hillock and the hallowed place of his mom Meenakshi (Parvathi) and father Shiva (Sundareswarar) is found downhill. The sanctuary has three gopuram (passage towers), three areas and sixty stages and every one is named after the sixty Tamil years. The sanctuary has six everyday ceremonies at different times from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and three yearly celebrations on its schedule. The yearly Vaikasi Visagam celebration is gone to by huge number of fans from all over.

According to Hindu legend, Muruga, the child of Shiva, lauded the importance of the Pranava Mantra (AUM) to his dad at this spot and thus achieved the name Swaminathaswamy. The sanctuary is accepted to be in presence from the Sangam time frame from second century BC and was accepted to have been adjusted and reconstructed by Parantaka Chola I. The sanctuary was enormously harmed during the Anglo-French conflict between Hyder Ali and British in 1740. The sanctuary, in current times, is kept up with and controlled by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.The Kandhanathaswamy thirukovil in eraharam is associated with the historical backdrop of this sanctuary.


In the town of Eraharam there is a murugan sanctuary known as Kandhanathaswamy thirukovil. This sanctuary is viewed as the adhi sanctuary of Swamimalai Swaminathaswamy sanctuary. This Kandhanathaswamy sanctuary can be reacher from kumbakonam and from thirupurambiyam.

According to Hindu legend, Brahma, the Hindu lord of creation, affronted Muruga (the child of Shiva) at the hour of visiting Mount Kailash, the dwelling place of Shiva. The kid Muruga flew off the handle with Brahma and asked him how he was making living creatures. Brahma said that he was making living creatures with the assistance of the Vedas (Hindu sacred texts). On hearing the answer, Muruga requested that Brahma present the messages from Vedas. Brahma began to present the message with the sacred word called Pranav Mantra, "Om". Around then Muruga halted Brahma and requested that he make sense of the significance of the Pranava Mantra. Brahma didn't anticipate such an inquiry from the youngster and couldn't answer. Muruga thumped Brahma on his brow with his gripped clench hands and rebuffed him with detainment. Muruga took up the job of the maker. The Devas (heavenly gods) were shocked by the shortfall of Brahma and they mentioned Vishnu to haggle with Muruga to deliver Brahma. Vishnu couldn't help and if all else fails, Shiva went to the salvage of Brahma.


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