Thanjai Mamani Koil

Thanjai Mamani Koil

Thanjai Mamani Koil - History

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Thanjai Mamani Koil is a bunch of three Hindu sanctuaries devoted to Lord Vishnu situated in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India and are near one another. It is one of the Divya Desams, the 108 sanctuaries of Vishnu respected by the 12 writer holy people, or Alwars. Dissimilar to other Divyadesams where a solitary sanctum is alluded, this arrangement of sanctuaries is alluded together in all the paasurams (sonnets).

The sanctuaries are accepted to be of critical artifact with commitments at various times from Medieval Cholas, Vijayanagar Empire and Madurai Nayaks. The sanctuaries are cherished inside stone walls and the three complex contains every one of the holy places of the sanctuary.


Vishnu appeared as Varaha the hog to kill three evil spirits named Tanchakan, Tantakan and Kacamukan. The sanctuaries have three day to day customs at different times from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and twelve yearly celebrations on its schedule. The Brhamotsavam celebration is the most conspicuous celebration of the sanctuaries, commended during the three constant long stretches of Tamil month of Panguni, Chittirai and Vaikasi. The 18 Garuda seva during Vaikasi is one more noticeable celebration in the district. The sanctuaries are kept up with and controlled by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu alongside Thanjavur Palace Devasthanam.

The sanctuary tracks down notice in Brahmanda Purana. During the Treta Yuga, there were three evil spirits by name Tanchakan, Tantakan and Kacamukan who were honored by Shiva turned out to be exceptionally strong. They became egotistical and grieved sage Parashara who was doing retribution at this spot. Vishnu killed Thanjakan with his Chakra, the wheel. Tancakan begged Vishnu to ease him off the revile and Vishnu named the spot after his name and thus it came to be named as Thanjavur. Kachamukan was killed by Vishnu appearing as a yali, a legendary animal. Vishnu appeared as Varaha the pig to kill the third evil spirit Tantakan, who escaped to Srimushnam.

The sanctuaries are situated in the banks of Vennaaru River. Manikunram has a little east-bound hallowed place with the Lord and partner in a similar sanctum. All of the Nammalvar pasurams (sonnets) of Thanjai allude to this sanctum. Maamanikoil has a little east-bound holy place with the Manikundra perumal and partner in a similar sanctum brandished in situated act. The holy place is situated in a raised construction. All of the Thirumangai Alvar pasurams (sonnets) of Thanjai allude to this holy place. There is a different place of worship for Ambujavalli. The waterbody related with the sanctuaries is called Rama Theertham.


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