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Vijayanagara (transl. City of Victory) was the capital city of the notable Vijayanagara Empire. Situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, it spread over a huge region and incorporated the cutting edge period Group of Monuments at Hampi site in Vijayanagara locale, Bellary locale and others in and around these regions in Karnataka, India. A piece of Vijayanagara ruins referred to as Hampi has been assigned as an UNESCO world legacy site. Vijayanagara is in the eastern piece of focal Karnataka, near the Andhra Pradesh line.


Hampi is an old human settlement, referenced in Hindu texts and has pre-Vijayanagara sanctuaries and landmarks. In mid fourteenth 100 years, Deccan locale including the prevailing Kakatiyas, Seuna Yadavas, Hoysalas and the small Kampili realm were attacked and looted by multitudes of Khalji and later Tughlaq administrations of the Delhi Sultanate. From these vestiges was established Vijayanagara by the Sangama siblings, who were functioning as officers in Kampli Kingdom under Kampalidevaraya. The city developed quickly. The Vijayanagara-focused realm worked as a boundary to the Muslim sultanates in the north, prompting the reproduction of Hindu life, grant, multi-strict action, quick framework upgrades and financial movement. Alongside Hinduism, Vijayanagara acknowledged networks of different religions, for example, Jainism and Islam, prompting multi-strict landmarks and common influences.Chronicles left by Persian and European explorers state Vijayanagara to be a prosperous and rich city. By 1500 CE, Hampi-Vijayanagara was the world's second biggest middle age period city (in the wake of Beijing) and likely India's most extravagant around then, drawing in merchants from Persia and Portugal.


Battles between neighboring Muslim Sultanates and Hindu Vijayanagara went on through the sixteenth hundred years. In 1565, the Vijayanagara pioneer Aliya Rama Raya was caught and killed,and the city tumbled to an alliance of Muslim Sultanates of the Deccan. The vanquished capital city of Vijayanagara was plundered and obliterated for quite a long time, after which it stayed in ruins.

Vijayanagara is situated in the cutting edge period Indian territory of Karnataka, along the banks of the Tungabhadra River. It is focal and eastern piece of the state, near the Andhra Pradesh line. The city quickly developed from an old journey place in thirteenth hundred years, to being established as a capital of Vijayanagara Empire in mid fourteenth 100 years, to being a city extending by certain evaluations to 650 square kilometers by mid sixteenth century.It turned into the world's second biggest city, in the wake of Beijing, by around 1500 CE. Evaluations of the populace change and depend on the size of the city and number of houses referenced in the diaries of outsiders who visited India and expounded on Vijayanagara. Some gauge the populace was around 500,000 around 1500 CE, yet others believe this gauge to be liberal or excessively moderate.


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