Kaigal Waterfalls

Kaigal Waterfalls

Kaigal Waterfalls- History

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This cascade is situated a ways off of 2.5 km from Kaigal town. The cascade is a characteristic one and the water comes from a level of 40 feet. The falls are shaped by the Kaigal stream, which is one of the two streams coursing through Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. Since the region around the woodland is thick, dazzling, and quiet, it turns into an extraordinary excursion spot in the mid year season. Assuming you're searching for spots to visit in Vellore with family or companions, Kaigal cascade is the best spot for you.

It is famously known as Kaigal falls concerning the Kaigal town arranged around 2.5 kilometers from the Falls is situated at 13.0690°N 78.5621°E.It has a typical height of 633 meters (2,079 ft). Locally the falls is called as Dumukuralla Water Falls. The Telugu name Dumukurallu water falls became a force to be reckoned with due to its sound looking like the fall of stones from a higher place.


The cascade is regular, perpetual and water comes from a major stone at a level of 40 feet, independent of seasons. However, its power and magnificence is expanded during the yearly Monsoon season. There are a few normal lakes underneath the falls. Its circumstance in a woods gives it an additional benefit with regular untainted environmental factors with a lot of outlandish birds, bushes, trees and natural life. The falls is shaped by the Kaigal stream which is one of the two streams to stream in the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, the other being Koudinya stream. Also, it is gone under Theertham Panchaithi and Baireddipalli Mandal.

Kaigal town is arranged on the Kuppam - Palamaner Highway. As you drive from Kuppam the town comes on the right site and the fall is around 2.5 kilometers from the town. There is a mud street prompting extremely near the tumbles from where a brief distance of walk will take you to the falls. Best season to visit is among June and October during the pinnacle downpour season. The falls is especially famous outing objective for individuals from encompassing regions. its extremely huge falls in AP. Find the connection to the authority vacationer site here .

The falls is really situated among Devadoddi and Kaigal town. These days, the transports stop at Kaigal. There is a painting of Lord Hanuman close to the entry. From here, one needs to walk almost two kilometers into the profound wilderness. As you enter the valley, you need to cross the stream and veer off in an unexpected direction before you see the water really tumbling down.


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