Srilakshmi Golden Temple

Srilakshmi Golden Temple

Srilakshmi Golden Temple- History

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The most astonishing component of this sanctuary is extremely apparent, the gold-covered engineering. Perhaps the most glorious spot to see in Vellore, the entire construction is covered in gold leaf and costs an incredible 65 million US dollars. How much gold utilized is 1500 kilograms. Developed in the year 2007, the sanctuary is implicit 100 sections of land area of land and built by Vellore-based Sri Narayani Peedam, headed by profound pioneer Sri Sakthi Amma.

Brilliant Temple Vellore complex inside the Thirupuram otherworldly park is arranged at the foot of a little scope of green slopes at Thirumalaikodi (or essentially Malaikodi) Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India. It is 120 km from Tirupati, 145 km from Chennai, 160 km from Pondicherry and 200 km from Bengaluru. The Maha Kumbhabhishekam or sanctification of the sanctuary and its main god, Sri Lakshmi Narayani or Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, was hung on 24 August 2007, and fans from all religions and foundations are free to visit.


The striking component of 'Thirupuram' is the Lakshmi Narayani sanctuary whose Vimanam and Ardha Mandapam is covered with unadulterated gold, lodging the divinity Sri Lakshmi Narayani (female associate/spouse of Vishnu Narayana). The sanctuary is situated on 100 sections of land of land and has been developed by the Vellore-based magnanimous trust, Sri Narayani Peedam, headed by its otherworldly chief Sri Sakthi Amma otherwise called 'Narayani Amma'.

The sanctuary with its gold covering, has multifaceted work done by craftsmans spend significant time in sanctuary workmanship utilizing gold. Each and every detail was physically made, including changing over the gold bars into gold thwarts and afterward mounting the foils on copper. Gold foil from 9 layers to 10 layers has been mounted on the carved copper plates. Each and every detail in the sanctuary craftsmanship has importance from the Vedas.

Sripuram's plan includes a star-formed way (Sri chakra), situated in the lavish green scene, with a length of over 1.8 km. As one strolls along this 'starpath' to arrive at the sanctuary in the center, one can likewise peruse different profound messages - - like the endowment of the human birth itself, and the worth of otherworldliness - - en route.


Sri Narayani Peedam, Thirumalaikodi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632055.


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